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SkyRank, Patent #7,536,333, is a patented hedge fund rating methodology, flexible in nature, encompassing risk-adjusted returns, assets under management, experience of fund manager, liquidity of underlying investments, leverage deployed, risk management methodology, educational background, business processes, and several other inputs. Extensive qualitative due diligence is performed by the SkyRank team of experienced hedge fund analysts, on top of the quantitative process, before a rating is considered.
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8/10/2014 - SkyRank in the News: Delta Hedge Systems Licenses SkyRank MSystem, Digital Marketing Solution Reaching 10,000+ institutional investors globally ...
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The SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings
SkyRank was initially sold to accredited and institutional investors in the form of a data and ratings product, and has been improved over time by industry professionals. Millions of data points, tens of thousands of hedge funds using data provided directly from hedge funds as well as third-party data providers, and hundreds of different types of hedge funds have been analyzed over the past decade.

The highest rated SkyRank funds consistently are able to reduce market risk, while delivering positive returns over time, rarely losing capital. Funds that receive ratings typically have at least three years of experience, high risk-adjusted returns, a strict risk management methodology, and a defined theoretical edge within a specified market segment.

It is this combination of the quantitative and qualitative analysis by the SkyRank team, that allows the highest quality funds in the industry to be revealed with the SkyRank Rating. This select group of hedge fund managers receive the SkyRank Rating with distribution to the widest network of institutional and accredited investors globally now measuring 10,000+ institutional investors.

We invite you to join us to learn more about the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings.
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